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Typical Compression Test Set-up per ASTM F2077

Medical Testing Services

Argovian Technologies provides medical testing services including but not limited to:

  • ASTM F2077 Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices

  • ASTM F2267 Load Induced Subsidence of Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices Under Static Axial Compression

  • ASTM F543, Annex A1 Metallic Medical Bone Screws - Torsional Properties

  • ASTM F543, Annex A2 Metallic Medical Bone Screws - Driving Torque

  • ASTM F543, Annex A3 Metallic Medical Bone Screws - Axial Pullout Strength

  • ASTM F543, Annex A4 Metallic Medical Bone Screws - Self-Tapping Performance

  • ASTM F1717 Spinal Implant Constructs

  • ASTM F1798 Static and Fatigue Properties of Interconnection Mechanisms and Sub-assemblies Used in Spinal Arthrodesis Implants

  • ASTM F1877 standard practice for characterization of particles.

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