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"Our belief is that each client is not just another customer...
Argovian Technologies
Argovian Technologies
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Argovian Technologies
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...they are a valued partner."

About Argovian Technologies

Argovian Technologies is a mechanical testing and engineering company with an experienced staff with many years of combined engineering experience, focused on meeting the needs of the spine industry. Our ISO 17025 compliant facility offers mechanical test rigs capable of meeting the ASTM standards required for FDA submittals.


Our engineering background in diverse mechanical fields allows us to come up with creative solutions in the areas of design, test, documentation, and project management. With extensive analytical and design capabilities, Argovian engineering can act as an extension to your engineering team supporting all aspects of product development.


Our belief is that each client is not just another customer, they are a valued partner. By partnering together, we look to change the future of the spine industry. We offer excellent turnaround support at the most competitive prices. When it comes to testing it is not about the failure, it’s about the solution.


We at Argovian look forward to the providing that solution.

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